Inspired Vinyasa.



L1 Flow

Perfect for getting acquainted with yoga and how it all works.  We'll emphasize on proper alignment in traditional poses which you can take to expand your practice



Slow paced practice, which combines gentle movement with some longer holds in poses, stretching connective tissues and joints of hips, thighs and lower spinal area.

All Levels Flow

Offers more of a challenge, building skill and awareness around some advanced poses.  Excellent way to explore a little more with sequences and poses. 


Power Flow

Flow with more strength building components and heat. Some familiarity with basic poses is recommended.

Restore and Flow

When you want to slow down.  Provides an excellent space to balance your practice with focus on stretch and restoration.  Great is you're new or coming back to yoga.


What you need to bring with you:

Your Mat. If you need to borrow one, we have you covered.

Hydration. Water, electrolytes, etc...  we have water for purchase or use our fountain at no cost

Towel. In case you break a sweat and may want to wipe down during or after practice.

An Open Mind and Positive Attitude.  Don't worry, if you can't bring this, we'll help you find it here.