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Yoga Inspired is an open, warm space in north Raleigh to gather for empowered movement and introspection. Our mission is to share all elements of yogic teachings with the ever-expanding community of our bustling little Oak City.

We aim to spark inspiration and highlight a new perspective for anyone in search of a welcoming, inclusive, place for curious movement, turning inward, and refining practice.

Our yoga classes are made up of sequences designed in particular order to better set you up for success in every advancement. This is known as vinyasa krama. We like to warm our space with gentle, infrared heat for increased flexibility and a little help releasing toxins from the body as we flow. Most classes are warm, but not too hot.

Please note each class is intentionally set to a specific temperature to get the most out of that particular style.


Designed for beginners and intermediate students alike, flow classes focus on breath awareness and alignment in order to help you move more deeply into your yoga experience. Although each instructor brings their own unique sequencing and style, all flow classes are built around sun salutations and breath to help center, lengthen, strengthen, and open you from head to toe. Simple modifications for all levels offered. Temperature set to 85 degrees. 



Easy like Sunday morning! This is a special class offering flow, connection, and breath to ground and nurture all parts of the body. The hour will be split between 30 minutes of guided all-levels flow & 30 minutes of restoration to leave you feeling your best. Temperature set to hover right around 80 degrees.


Slow down and go deep with yin, in which you will remain on the floor the entire time and hold gentle poses anywhere between 5-8 minutes each. This style of yoga is a great way to find healing while stretching the connective tissue around the joints. Breathe through these longer holds as you simply allow gravity to intensify the stretch slowly. Temperature set to 77 degrees.



This class is a simmering blend of slow vinyasa and longer yin holds. The flow portion guides you through a few sun salutation and short wave sequences, focusing on core activation and alignment before moving to floor for cooling stretch & release. Simple modifications for all levels offered. Temperature set to 85 degrees.


This class is especially great for beginners or anyone healing from injury. Students will be guided through a slower paced flow with stretches that will create space and blood flow throughout the body.  You'll also learn the many ways you can use blocks to enhance proper alignment and find real healing, as it truly proves that yoga meets you right where you are. Temperature set to 80 degrees. 



A wonderful counter-balance for your busy lifestyle, this class is made up of a handful of postures in which you are completely supported by props and encouraged to find ease and comfort. Suitable for anyone looking to reduce stress, anxiety and worry, as well as increase clarity. Temperature set to 77.

1 CLASS - $15

5 CLASSES - $70

10 CLASSES - $130

20 CLASSES - $240