Aerial Yoga is for any and all levels. This class takes the physical part of yoga and combines it with a silk hammock to support you through various poses. Aerial gives you the chance to explore poses that might not be accessible on the mat and can help you explore inversions with the full support of the hammock. Practicing aerial yoga releases tension, promotes blood flow to the joints, increases oxygen levels, and decompresses the spine. If you’re looking to try something new, increase mobility or strength, aerial yoga is for you!

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Expect to move! You will be guided safely through poses that open, strengthen, balance, and build internal heat – transitioning from one pose to the next to form a flowing sequence. While moving through a variety of yoga poses your attention will be placed on your breathing as you link breathe to movement. Vinyasa Flow is designed to cultivate mindfulness, increase flexibility and mobility, build strength and balance, and to release stress the body is notorious for storing. You will leave feeling energized and lighter on your feet!



Gentle Flow yoga takes a vinyasa flow class and turns down the heat a little. You will still move through a variety of yoga poses, but with more focus on your breath and the opening of your body. You will hold poses longer while taking several rounds of breath rather than moving with each breath. The pace of Gentle Flow is slower, emphasizing peace and calm in the body and mind. Gentle Flow is more meditative because of the longer holds and opportunities to really explore how a pose makes you feel.



Slow Flow is designed to introduce the practice of a Vinyasa, but at a slower pace so you can become familiar with the sequencing of a flow class. Throughout a Slow Flow you will focus on your breath as you mindfully explore a variety of yoga poses. Slow Flow will help you experience different asanas and build strength + mobility. This class if great for beginners or for someone who likes the style of Vinyasa but wants to turn down the heat a little. For all-levels, but particularly a good place for those new to Yoga.



Yin Yoga targets the deep connective tissue in the body and has been shown to increase blood circulation to the joints, flexibility, mobility, and decrease stress levels. This slow-paced practice aims to release stress and tension that we hold inside the body. You will hold passive poses on the floor for 3-8 minutes. Yin Yoga is a beautiful practice as you slowly melt further into a pose, allowing the body to let go. We highly recommend taking a yin yoga class if you’re looking for a meditative practice that will open your body and release tension. We love a good yin class!



Restorative Yoga holds passive poses on the floor for longer than other styles of yoga. With the use of props, you will settle into a pose making yourself comfortable with the goal to fully relax your body. The main focus of Restorative Yoga is to enable deep physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. Feeling the support of props around you, focusing on your breathing, and giving your body the rest that it deserves benefits your overall health. This soft practice will help you recharge and relieve stress. Restorative Yoga is open to people who have recently injured themselves or have chronic injuries. Even if you’re simply looking for a way to relax, this class is for you! Your teacher will guide you to restore particular ailments in your body and help you find the deep relaxation that you need.



Looking for specific instruction as a beginner or existing practitioner? Private lessons are a great way to gain understanding of individual poses, as well as ways to strengthen and open your body for a more advanced practice. We would love to help you with any specific goals you have in mind. If you’re working towards anything in particular, we can personalize meetings/trainings to ensure that you are getting the most out of your lessons. Yoga Inspired privates consist of 1-one-1 lessons with one of our teachers. Reach out to learn more or ask any questions you may have!

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