Aerial Yoga is for Any & ALL Levels

This class takes the physical part of yoga and combines it with a silk hammock to support you through various poses. Aerial gives you the chance to explore poses that might not be accessible on the mat and can help you explore inversions with the full support of the hammock. Practicing aerial yoga releases tension, promotes blood flow to the joints, increases oxygen levels, and decompresses the spine. During an aerial yoga class at Yoga Inspired you will be offered modifications that give you the chance to explore different variations of poses. You always get to choose what serves you and what it is that you need.


If you’re new to yoga, have a seasoned practice, want to add some spice to your practice, want to build strength + mobility, suffer from back pain, trying to conquer a fear, looking to try something new…


Aerial Yoga Studio - Yoga Inspired Raleigh

Aerial Class Schedule:

Monday 7:15pm – All Levels

Wednesday 6pm – All Levels

Saturday 2:00pm – Advanced Aerial Open Gym for Tricks and Flips





What To Know About Taking Class

Arrive Early

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of class. This will allow time for the instructor to adjust your aerial hammock to the right length and get you ready for class.



Please NO jewelry while practicing aerial yoga. NO engagement rings, other rings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, nose rings, piercings or anything that can catch onto the fabric. Jewelry can cause rips and tears in the aerial hammocks.


What to Bring

When taking an aerial yoga class you’ll want to bring a yoga mat, water, and anything you would need for a yoga class or any other type of physical activity. If you forget a mat or water we have some available for purchase.



You’ll want to wear something comfortable to move around in. Keep in mind that inversions are offered and you may want to wear something more tight-fitting if going upside down is your thing. NO JEWELRY. Please no jewelry, watches, or anything that could catch on the fabric.

Host your own Aerial Party!!

  • Birthday
  • Girls night out
  • Family outing
  • Team building…

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