Amy Legge


I started my regular practice of yoga asana as a means to diversify other athletic pursuits and got more serious about my personal yoga exploration when I was searching for answers during a difficult chapter in my life. But the teachings of my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Blue Lotus lit a fire in me and
solidified my love of this ancient practice and all of the tools it has to offer.  

I truly love sharing yoga! And am continually humbled by this multi-faceted practice that can benefit everyone in some way. Whether you are looking to stretch or strengthen your body, calm your nervous system, find peace of mind or help your brain get to know your body more intimately, yoga meets you
where you are! And while not every aspect is for everyone at any given time, there is something for everyone in any given class. The joining of the breath with movement is the beginning of the magic.

Slower flow classes that include anatomically or energetically-oriented movement infused with a bit of philosophy and breathwork, and the quieter, calmer practices that include the stillness and introspection of yin and meditation are my current jam. I believe returning to our calm center is both the most elusive and the most rewarding of the yoga practices.